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Addison Park, A Park With Something For Everyone

Addison Park

As I was leaving an appointment this afternoon in Glastonbury CT, the sun started to break through the clouds, and suddenly the chill in the air was gone. It was a gorgeous afternoon, a perfect afternoon for a stroll through Addison Park.

As I entered the park, I passed a large baseball field on the right; as large as many minor and major league ball parks with far fewer seats, of course.

After the baseball field are picnic areas, basketball and tennis courts, and a playground for children of all abilities, a boundless playground. Playgrounds were never this nice when I was a child.

As I walked further into the park I came upon three soccer and lacrosse fields (one on the right and two on the left), with bleecher seats for each field. Wow! I could picture the children running “all day” as they say.

Finally, at the rear of Addison Park is an “L-Shaped” outdoor swimming pool, closed for a few more weeks.

Addison Park, a park that truly has something for everyone.

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