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Bushnell Park Carousel


The Bushnell Park Carousel is fun for the child in all of us.

Originally designed by Russian immigrants Stein & Goldstein in 1914, the carousel operated in Albany NY until 1940 when it was moved to Meyers Lake Amusement Park in Canton Ohio. The Carousel came to Hartford in 1974 and is one of only three remaining carousels hand-carved by Stein & Goldstein!

The Carousel is located on the north side of Bushnell Park in a 24-sided pavilion DSCN1376 and features 48 hand-carved wooden horses, two lovers’ chariots and a Wurlitzer band organ. DSCN2601

The Carousel re-opens today for the season (through mid-October). If you are looking for something different to do, go to Bushnell Park in downtown Hartford and take a ride on this historic Carousel. Rides are only $1.00! And for 3.5 minutes let the child in you enjoy an amusement from days gone and the unique music of the Wurlitzer band organ.


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