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Buildings A-Glow in Downtown Hartford!

My last stop this evening was at Bushnell Towers, a condominium complex across from Bushnell Park. Since I was so close to the park I decided to drive by on my way home. To my delight they were rehearsing the artistic light show for tomorrow’s Festival of Light celebration, “Lights, Skating, Santa Winter Festivities” at Bushnell Park.

Tomorrow’s program features theatrical light projections by Marc Herring Group. The artistic light show will include projections of historic Hartford scenes on the buildings and trees surrounding the park. And I drove by just in time to capture a preview of the light show. I quickly grabbed my camera and photographed the above images as they decorated the buildings across from Bushnell Park.

The light show will only be held on December 10th and 11th so grab your hats, scarves, gloves, warmest coat and a thermos of hot coffee or cocoa and go to Bushnell Park tomorrow evening and enjoy the show.

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