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The Colt Armory, Hartford CT

In 1855 Samuel Colt built a firearms factory in what is now called Dutch Point. To draw attention to his factory and the City of Hartford, Colt had the “Blue Onion” dome with cast bronze colt erected at the top of his factory. The “Blue Onion” dome has been a conversational piece since it topped the Colt Armory. Colt paid homage to the original Dutch settlers in his selection of street names:  Huyshope Avenue (after the original trading post name of Huys de Hoop), Van Block Avenue (after  Adriaen Block), Van Dyke Avenue (names after Guysbert Van Dyke, the first commander of Huys de Hoop), Hendrisxen Avenue (named after a lieutenant that served aboard the Onrust, the ship Adriaen Block used the explore the Connecticut River).

Seven years after building his factory in Hartford CT, Samuel Colt, at the age of 47 died, but he had already made a lasting impact on the City of Hartford, and the community known as Dutch Point.

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